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Hydroxypropyl Betacyclodextrin Is Better Used In Combination With Avectin

   Avermectin is a kind of hexadecylate compound with insecticidal, mite killing and nematode killing activity, which is produced by the fermentation of Streptomyces gray-streptomyces in Streptomyces.
Avectin is a new kind of antibiotic pesticide, which has the characteristics of novel structure and dual use of agriculture and livestock.
    With the improvement of people's living standard and the call for green food, biological pesticides are favored in the current pesticide market.
    Avectin is the most popular and competitive new product in the current bio-pesticide market.
    Avectin has the shortcoming of easy decomposition of light and poor water solubility, and its direct application will result in a significant reduction in its efficacy and a short insecticidal period.
    Hydroxypropyl betacycline dextrin has a good effect on improving its water solubility and photostability.
This paper deals with avirectin encapsulated with hydroxypropyl - heterocyclic - cyclodextrin.
    Take clathrate by application solution mixing method, using the single factor test and orthogonal test to determine the best process conditions as follows: subject and charge mass ratio of 100:3, inclusion temperature of 50 ℃, the closure time for 8 h.
    Under the optimum process conditions, the inclusion rate was 39.6% by HPLC, 81.1% by weighting, and TG analysis was performed on the inclusion compound.
    The results showed that the water solubility and light stability of the encapsulated avermectin were significantly improved, and the long-term efficacy of the encapsulated avermectin in killing insects and mites was also improved.
    Shandong binzhou zhiyuan biotechnology co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in producing hydroxypropyl betacycline dextrin.
    We will be committed to the production of a better series of cyclodextrin products.

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