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To Purify Drinking Water With Sugar? This Is Not Fantasy

Scientists from the United States has developed a new polymer materials based on cyclodextrin. Compared with the activated carbon and other materials currently used, the new material can be more easily purify drinking water.

Cyclodextrins are cyclic oligosaccharides formed by a plurality of glucopyranose molecules, because of its cyclic structure, cyclodextrin has many unique chemical properties. The researchers had previously experimented with cyclodextrin to purify drinking water, but the results are poor, mainly because surface area is not big enough, not strong adsorption capacity. Professor William Dichtel Cornell University led a research team to try to transform the cyclodextrin. They will be a --β cyclodextrin cyclodextrin, i.e. the cyclic structure composed of 7 glucose molecules, and the compound called tetrafluoro isophthalonitrile react under suitable conditions to give a kinds of new polymer materials.

Experimental results show that water purification capability of this new material not only much better than the unmodified cyclodextrin, significantly stronger than the currently widely used in water purification activated carbon. For example, under the same conditions, this new material can be removed in just 10 seconds, 95 percent of the drinking water of bisphenol A, and as a comparison of several activated carbon is required ranging from ten to one minutes time to reach similar Effect. Moreover, the activated carbon requires heating at a high temperature of several hundred degrees centigrade in order to restore the adsorption capacity of the adsorption capacity is saturated, and this new material only at room temperature and washed with methanol adsorption capacity such that it can be restored. In addition, due to its low cost of production of cyclodextrin, the cost of this new material is not too high. So researchers hope this new material in the future can be widely used in water treatment and water purification.


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