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The Prospect Of Cyclodextrin Application

Cyclodextrin (Cyclodextrin CD) is a natural body, it is by 6, 7, 8 or more D- glucopyranose units, α -1,4 glycosidic bond linking the "cone" shaped molecule, respectively called α- cyclodextrin, α- cyclodextrin, α - cyclodextrin ring. Because the cyclodextrin molecule is composed of glucose units are connected end to end in a ring and compatibility, so it has excellent biological.


Cyclodextrin molecules like tapered cylinder to the top of a hollow, pictured above. Because of its 6 primary hydroxyl groups are located in the "cone" cavity at the small end, 2 and 3 secondary hydroxyl groups are located in the "cone" the big end (2- hydroxy tend to cyclodextrin molecules hollow axis Z- axis, 3- hydroxy trend away from the Z- axis direction), and the cavity surface cyclodextrin only the nuclei of hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms with lone electron pair glycosides, so cyclodextrins are amphiphilic molecules hydrophobic, hydrophilic cavity resonator.


Cyclodextrin molecules with this unique structure, as the molecule capsules that cyclodextrin molecules, can be the same from inorganic to organic compounds, compounds from neutral to ionic, a series of guest molecules and gases, occurrence of inclusion, compound is the cavity of cyclodextrin inclusion, can play a special role.


With a cavity structure, the molecular structure can be used as inclusion body, has been synthesized many kinds, but also has wide application of three key elements: a high performance, low price of three two, non-toxic harmless, at present only a cyclodextrin compound.


Said academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xu Guangxian: cyclodextrins supramolecular science is one of the 11 key fields of chemistry in twenty-first Century. Since the nineteen seventies, the study of cyclodextrin into the high-speed development period, each year since 2009 cyclodextrin inclusion complexes of paper has reached about 15000 articles. Lay a solid foundation for the large-scale application of scientific research adequately for cyclodextrin complexes, while large-scale applications for scientific research to provide a wide range of interest and financial support, cyclodextrin inclusion compound, the explosive growth of the market in the eyes!

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