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The Efficient Application Of Lycopene In The Inclusion Of Hydroxypropyl Betadex

Lycopene referred to as lycopene, is a kind of important fat soluble carotenoid found in tomatoes, watermelon, pomegranate and purple grapefruit and other foods, has strong antioxidant, scavenging free radicals, prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease and regulate the immune function, has the prospect of development and utilization considerable.

Lycopene, which has strong fat solubility and almost insoluble in water, is poor in stability and easy to be degraded by light, heat and oxygen, which greatly affect its oral absorption effect. There are lots of research and several techniques to solve these problems, the inclusion of technology is one of the important methods of beta cyclodextrin lycopene technology, improve the solubility and stability of tomato red pigment, but due to the use of organic solvents such as acetone inedible products, there are a large number of residues. And the cyclodextrin ratio is too large, low content of tomato red pigment. A solid inclusion compound with excellent performance and high cost performance has been prepared by mixing lycopene with hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, and the lycopene tablet product has achieved good technical results.

The use of HP-β-CD mixed beta cyclodextrin lycopene, developed a new package of excellent performance and high performance alloy sheet products, the use of cyclodextrin inclusion technique applied to single lycopene solid preparation products to solve the difficulties, lycopene water solubility and poor stability and problems is not easy to preserve, improve oral effect, reduce the production cost, has the technical feasibility and economic practicability.


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