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Technology Of Native Cyclodextrin

The spatial structure of cyclodextrin has a hydrophobic bucket cavity, the difference between the envelope of the cavity and the enantiomers, and the change of the migration rate after the closure leads to the separation of the enantiomers, and the derivation can not only improve the selectivity, but also enlarge the application range. Electrically neutral CDs are applied to the separation of charged enantiomers. The leucine enantiomers of human urine were separated by using Α-CD as the selection agent and Itp-cze technique.Native Cyclodextrin

The separation ability of the charged cyclodextrin derivatives is better than that of the neutral cyclodextrin, and the enantiomers can be separated. Positively charged derivatives are generally amine functionalized, a. Burke and other TMA-Β-CD separated some acidic and alkaline drugs.Native Cyclodextrin 

Negatively-charged derivatives are generally carboxyl groups and sulfuric acid, K. H. Gahm, etc. with SULFATED-CD mixed α-cd, some terpene enantiomers were isolated. G. Schult and other CM-Β-CD as the selection agent, Cze-esi-ms, separated the Bamyan color forest enantiomers. The β-blocker enantiomers were separated by SBE-Β-CD. Cyclodextrin chemical stability, no ultraviolet absorption, as a choice agent has an irreplaceable advantage, in the next few years will still be the first choice for analysis workers.Native Cyclodextrin

Cyclodextrins can be used in textiles to play a long-lasting effect, the principle of its technology, only the cyclodextrins to try to firmly anchor on the surface of textiles (or fiber surface). As in the textile construction of countless micro-small hotels (or restaurants, guesthouses) can accept a number of successive guests are willing to stay. To achieve a sustainable application effect. This kind of processing technology is also called fiber modification. For a variety of common fibers.Native Cyclodextrin

On cotton fabrics, the most commonly used cross-linking agent is a n-hydroxy methyl compound used for heat-free (or anti-wrinkle) finishing. In the finishing liquid together with a proper amount of β-cyclodextrin can be, to be done after the finishing process, β-Cyclodextrin is a heat-free finishing agent (such as DMDHEU) of the chemical action at the same time anchoring on the surface of the fiber, and withstand repeated washing.Native Cyclodextrin

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