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Synthesis Of Cyclodextrin Polymer And Its Recognition Of The Dye Molecules

Cyclodextrin has a hollow cylinder structure, ring ring of hydrophilic, hydrophobic, this special structure makes it has ability of inclusion of molecular, widely applied in chromatographic separation, selective catalysis, food, medicine and pesticide etc.. A plurality of cyclodextrin units in the polymer chain constitutes a cyclodextrin polymer. It not only keeps the envelope recognition functions of cyclodextrin polymer, and has better mechanical strength, chemical stability and scalability, but also has a certain change in solubility. This thesis presents the design and synthesis of cyclodextrin polymers of many different types of cyclodextrins, cyclodextrin polymer unit were measured by the glucose enzyme electrode model, and analyze the cyclodextrin polymer process inclusion recognition of dye molecules by fluorescence spectroscopy. The main research contents and results are as follows:


Synthesis of 1 cyclodextrin polymers, three kinds of cyclodextrin polymer main synthesis. (1) with polystyrene polymer carrier, on its modification, introducing amino in counterpoint. At the same time, cyclodextrin modified synthetic cyclodextrin sulfonyl ester, polystyrene and cyclodextrin sulfonyl ester and amino-modified cyclodextrin immobilized to the styrene polymer chain cyclodextrin polymer immobilized synthetic: - (6- amino - cyclodextrin) - polystyrene; (2) using acrylamide as raw materials, through the Hoffman degradation rearrangement synthetic polyethylene amine polymer skeleton, then with a single -6- methyl benzene sulfonyl - β - cyclodextrin ester reaction, the cyclodextrin immobilized, synthetic cyclodextrin polymer - poly - (ethylene amine); (3) ethylenediamine as raw material 6 hydroxyl groups on β - cyclodextrin was amination modification, in the role of condensing agent and methyl methacrylate polymerization reaction, synthesis of cyclodextrin monomer -6- (methyl acryloyl ethylenediamine) - β - cyclodextrin, ammonium persulfate initiator and methyl acrylic acid copolymerization of methacrylic acid and occurrence of single -6- (methyl acryloyl ethylenediamine) - β - cyclodextrin copolymer product. The above three kinds of cyclodextrin polymers using infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis was used to characterize the products.


2 Using the immobilized glucose oxidase pencil electrode made of glucose enzyme electrode, then the electrode for quantitative detection of cyclodextrin polymers, dextrin unit, found the good linear relationship between the cyclodextrin polymers, dextrin unit quality and response current. And Sulfate-Phenol colorimetric method for the determination of cyclodextrin units results compared, relative deviation was less than 8%, and the enzyme electrode has good stability, real-time dynamic monitoring, can be repeatedly used or stored for a long time.


3 With cyclodextrin polymers will be acridine red molecular inclusion, the fluorescence spectra of complexes, found the cyclodextrin polymers with acridine red formed inclusion complexes, the fluorescent acridine red red shift of excitation wavelength, emission wavelength blue shift, and the fluorescence intensity of acridine red enhancement. Through calculation of cyclodextrin polymers with acridine red inclusion constants, found the cyclodextrin polymer - poly - (ethylene amine) inclusion ability was the strongest, the thermodynamic parameters showed that the inclusion of van der Waals force is the main driving force. And the ring of polymer chain dextrin in different extent of inclusion enhancement.

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