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Study On The Formation Of Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex

The intrinsic factors of cyclodextrin inclusion formation depend on the basic properties of cyclodextrin and its object:

Hydrophobic interaction between the 1 main objects

Due to the hydrophobic cavity of cyclodextrin and guest molecules of non polarity is higher, more easily wrapped. When the hydrophobic guest molecules of fat into the cyclodextrin cavity after, the hydrophobic groups and the cyclodextrin cavity has the maximum contact, and the hydrophilic group away from the cavity.

2 subject object matching effect

The size of the ring is different, they can choose to accommodate the size of the object and the size of the cavity, so the formation of inclusion complex is stable.

3 hydrogen bonds with the release of high-energy water

Some guest molecules and cyclodextrin hydroxyl groups can form hydrogen bonds, increases the packet, the stability of the complexes. The hydrophobic part of the object into the cyclodextrin cavity facilitates formation of inclusion complexes of cyclodextrin is replaced by cyclodextrin high-energy water, because the polarity of water molecules in non polar cavity less stable, easy to be extremely low molecular replacement.

Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional cyclization of cyclodextrin and its derivatives are used, development, science and technology innovation company. By packages of cyclodextrin complexes formation conditions of research, the company has developed a variety of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes, the formation of a series of characteristics of small products.

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