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Research Foundation Of Cyclodextrin Complexes

It is a cyclic oligosaccharide formed by $number-D-Α-1, a 4-glucoside bond, which is made up of glucose polymers such as starch, glycogen, malt oligosaccharides, by the cyclodextrin glucose residue transfer enzyme.Cyclodextrin Complexes 

At present, the cyclodextrins used in industry are mainly α-, β-and γ-cyclodextrin and their derivatives, respectively, corresponding to 6, 7 and 8 glucose units, in particular, β-cyclodextrins are the most widely used. In recent years, large cyclodextrins ranging from 9 to hundreds of have also attracted extensive attention at home and abroad, and the preparation, separation, purification, structure, function and application of large cyclodextrins have also been studied in depth.Cyclodextrin Complexes

The basic research of Cyclodextrins began early in the 30 's, and confirmed that cyclodextrin can form the entrapped composite, but until the 1950s, the study of Cyclodextrin entrapped Composite has matured and found that cyclodextrins are catalytic in some reactions. At present, Japan in the production and application of cyclodextrins in the world's leading level, is the biggest exporter of cyclodextrins, China is also one of its importing countries. In recent years, because of the enzyme of cyclodextrins gradually discovered and industrial technology, technology and the expansion of the application field, has become a tight chemical products.Cyclodextrin Complexes

The cyclodextrin molecule has a conical hollow cylindrical annular structure, in its hollow structure, the upper end of the outer side (larger opening ends) is composed of C2 and C3, the lower end (small opening ends) is composed of the C6, and the hydrophilicity is formed by the shielding effect of the-key in the cavity. It has neither a reduction end nor nothing but a reductive end, and is stable in alkaline medium, but the strong acid can be cracked by the hydrolysis of α-amylase, which can not be hydrolyzed by β-amylase, and the tolerance of acid and general amylase is stronger than that of amylose.Cyclodextrin Complexes

It can crystallize well in aqueous solution and alcohol aqueous solution. Without a certain melting point, heated to about 200 ℃ began to decompose, with good thermal stability, no hygroscopicity, but easy to form a variety of stable hydrate; its hydrophobic voids can be embedded in a variety of organic compounds, forming cladding complexes, and altering the physical and chemical properties of the envelopes It can be chemically modified or polymerized with Cyclodextrin as a monomer by handing many functional groups in the cyclodextrin molecule or linking the cyclodextrin to the polymer.Cyclodextrin Complexes

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