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Progress In The Study Of Multiple Stimuli Responsive Polymeric Micelles

Stimuli responsive polymeric micelles can be the stimulation of external environment such as pH, temperature, light, oxidation agent, enzyme and ultrasonic irradiation make feedback response, has been widely used in drug carrier, sensors, nano devices and other fields. However, the traditional stimuli responsive polymers are single and can not be regulated in real time, which limits its further development and application.
China Chengdu Institute of biological research institute researcher Li helped by long-term commitment to research biological medical material assembly of cyclodextrins host guest recognition based on the traditional stimulus response defects of polymeric micelles, from the homopolymer of orthogonal self-assembly (Homopolymer Orthogonal Self-Assembly, HOSA), using reversible cyclodextrin and the main two ferrocene object recognition two ferrocene modified polyethylene glycol monomethyl ether (mPEG-Fc) modified with cyclodextrin N- N-isopropylacrylamide (PNIPAM- beta -CD) by reversible non covalent link to construct supramolecular diblock copolymer mPEG-Fc/ PNIPAM- beta -CD, dual environment and study the oxidant and temperature stimulation response behavior. In aqueous solution, when the temperature is higher than that of PNIPAM critical transition concentration (lower critical solution temperature, LCST) completely hydrophilic supramolecular block copolymers mPEG-Fc/ PNIPAM beta CD will be for the amphiphilic molecules, and further in the water self-assembled drug packages (such as shown in the figure) to a micellar structure. When adding hydrogen peroxide as oxidant, due to hydrogen peroxide oxidation of ferrocene with positively charged ions in the FC +, cyclodextrins and FC + cannot produce inclusion, makes the original inclusion structure collapse, and is accompanied by the release of drugs supramolecular block copolymers into mPEG-Fc+ and PNIPAM beta CD. And because at this time, the temperature is still above the LCST of PNIPAM, PNIPAM beta cyclodextrin can form secondary assembly to PNIPAM chains into the hydrophobic core, with beta CD as the hydrophilic shell of the secondary structure of micelles, and will be part of the drug wrapped in the micellar structure. When the temperature of the system is further reduced to LCST below PNIPAM, the PNIPAM chain segment is completely changed to hydrophilic, which makes the secondary micelle structure collapse, with the complete release of the drug. The micellar system has excellent properties of controlled release, and can be used for the quantitative release of the drug by using the high concentration H2O2 environment in the tumor cells and the simple ice cooling or freezing probe method.

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