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New Metal Organic Framework Materials For Human And Environment

Northwestern University, a research team developed a metal organic framework technology "new born" in 1999, MOFs is a lattice ordered, crystal, by organic molecules and node connected to the node, usually copper, zinc, nickel or cobalt and other metal. In their large pores, MOFs can effectively store gases such as hydrogen or carbon dioxide, which are of particular use in engineering science.
Stoddart said in MOFs, symmetry is very important. Natural materials usually do not have uniform symmetry, so it is difficult to crystallize into highly ordered and porous frame material. But the gamma cyclodextrin solves this problem: it consists of 8 asymmetric glucose residues arranged in a ring structure, which in itself forms a symmetry. The gamma - cyclodextrin and potassium salt is dissolved in water, moisture and evaporation of alcohol will make the liquid crystal.
The crystal is cube shaped, and is composed of 6 gamma cyclodextrin molecules which are connected with potassium ions in three-dimensional space to form a porous framework, which has good permeability, and is very suitable for the absorption of gas or small molecules. The pore part accounts for 54% of the whole solid. The research team believes that this unprecedented shape will be symmetric and asymmetric two forms of grafting together, this combination has also promoted the value of other materials in the field.
The researchers said that at present, most of the MOFs using petroleum chemical materials and, both costly and time-consuming, and new materials research and development of the main components is pure natural corn starch molecules, simple manufacturing, and environmental protection and renewable. The material is a little bitter, but it is completely non-toxic and can provide a very environmentally friendly hydrogen storage material for a hydrogen powered vehicle.

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