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Introduction Of Cyclodextrin

Cyclodextrin and its derivatives used in cyclodextrin chiral stationary phase is a kind of multi-mode chiral stationary phase, can act on the normal phase, reversed and polar organic mode, different modes of Separation Mechanism also Different. The following parameters and performance from the details of Cyclodextrin. 
1, CD amylase by Bacillus Macerans or cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase ring hydrolysis of starch derived oligosaccharides. CD transfer by controlling the hydrolysis conditions of the enzyme can be Get a different size CD. Commercially available CD is mainly α, β, γ are three types, respectively, with 6,7,8 a glucopyranose unit. Cyclodextrin molecules into a cone-type, forming a cave, Cave aperture constituted by the number of cyclodextrin glycosyl decision. 
2, the selectivity of cyclodextrin stationary phase depends on the analyte molecular size; α-cyclodextrin can only allow a single phenyl or naphthyl into, β-cyclodextrin to allow multi-naphthyl and phenyl substituted into, γ - Cyclodextrin molecules only terpenes. β-Cyclodextrin Chiral Stationary corresponding most widely used, mainly by β-cyclodextrin phase. Ibuprofen obtained through the separation of β-cyclodextrin column, saying Understand the impact of pH value on hydrogen bonds. When the mobile phase pH = 7, the observable signs of splitting. pH = 4, it can achieve good separation. Usually when the separation of amino acids, low pH, often used to Inhibit the ionization of acidic groups, but also enhance the protonation of amino groups. Phosphate triethylamine salt, acetic acid triethylamine salt of β-cyclodextrin column proof is a good buffer. Buffer is usually 0.1% triethylamine, adjusted with phosphoric acid or acetic acid to the proper pH. High flow rate will reduce the ability of complex formation, low-flow separation is better ,0.5-1ml / min flow rate of the best. Another In addition, increasing buffer concentration can overcome the impact velocity, because it can increase the CD of the cave and the attractiveness of the mobile phase. 
3, the optimal conditions for Cyclodextrin separation has to be considered: pH value on the impact of separation; velocity of the impact of separation; column temperature, the proportion of organic phase, buffer the impact of salt concentration on the separation Ring. 
4. More recently, R & D center cyclodextrin cyclodextrin cyclodextrin modified so that more compounds can be separated and can be used chiralgaschromatography.DerivationofdifferentgenesbybindingCDcavetothesurfacehydroxyl.Derivatizationreactions include ethyl, S-hydroxy-propyl based, generate S or R-naphthyl ethyl carbamate, 3,5-dimethyl-phenyl carbamate and ring of a Benzoyl ester. These new cyclodextrin stationary phase has many advantages, they can be separated more compounds, but also a competitive price, due to improved chiral recognition ability make it more suitable for preparation of color Spectrum.

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