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Hydroxypropyl Betadex And Volatile Oils

Volatile oils are the general term for a class of aromatic, oily liquids.Volatile at room temperature, insoluble in water, contact with air and light often gradually oxidized deterioration.In the prescription of antiviral oral liquid, patchouli, forsythium, acorus gramineus and turmeric gold were rich in volatile oil and the hydroxypropyl betadex complex of volatile oil extracted from these four herbs was prepared, and the stability of the compound was investigated.The results showed that the anti-photolysis, thermal stability and wet stability of the volatile oil were higher than that of the mixture.Through accelerated test method, the 3 batches of samples in the temperature of the improved process (40+2)℃, relative humidity conditions for (75+5)% 3 months, compared with 0 month, naphtha average loss percentage is 19.18%, while product naphtha average percentage loss in the improved process is not as high as 97.25%.Non-herbivorous geese contain ingredients such as triterpenes and volatile oils, which are often used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, but the active ingredients are volatile during storage and use.Through the supercritical CO2 supercritical extraction of the goose non-herbivorous oil of hydroxypropyl betadex encapsulation, and further made spray, to mask the smell of drugs, improve patient compliance.Preparation of asarone hydroxypropyl betadex inclusion compound, and compare the rabbit nasal respectively perfusion asarone hydroxypropyl betadex solution and the bioavailability of asarone water saturated solution agent, the results show that the formation of inclusion compound, after rabbit nasal cavity perfusion, rabbit blood, rhinencephalon, turbinate, brain uptake were higher than water saturated solution, the bioavailability of asarone was improved.

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