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GQDs And Cyclodextrin

Graphene its two-dimensional structure having a single atom thick and excellent mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical properties and be of great concern. However, the band gap of graphene to zero, can not produce fluorescence. By the micron-sized graphene cut into several graphene nano-sized quantum dots, it may have a constant band gap and produces light. Unique graphene quantum dot light-emitting properties, with an excitation wavelength dependence of the light-emitting and stable, no light bleaching. Generally, the large size of the carbon precursor (e.g. graphene, carbon nanotubes, graphite, carbon fiber, etc.) cut to form small-sized graphene preparing quantum dots called top-down approach. In addition, you can also carbonizing small organic molecules synthesized larger graphene quantum dot, this production method is called bottom-up approach. Small molecules synthesized by carbonization of graphene quantum dots or carbon points with high fluorescence quantum yield, the highest value reported about 80%. It has been used in the preparation of graphene quantum dots or carbon point organic materials are citric acid, dextrose, ascorbic acid, acetic acid, histidine, and chitosan. Most are small molecule organic materials, is easy to form a series of intermediate product in the carbonization process, such that the size of the synthesized carbon graphene quantum dot or point distribution becomes broader. In contrast, β- cyclodextrin having a larger molecular size and determine the cyclic structure in the carbonization process is easy and orderly connection synthetic uniform size graphene quantum dots or carbon points. Therefore, to work with β- cyclodextrin starting material graphene quantum dots, found that β- cyclodextrin materials can be synthesized by a large area of uniform size, emits blue graphene quantum dots, and the light emitting showed significant excitation wavelength dependence. The study enriches the method for preparing large quantities of blue graphene quantum dots, while providing a new raw material for the bottom-up synthesis of graphene quantum dots.

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