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French National Academy Of Pharmacy Zhang Yongmin Do Seminars For Teachers And Students At Northwestern University

December 17, 2015 afternoon, "Yang Zhongjian lecture" forty-first talk was held in Taebaek campus. French National Pharmacy Academy of Sciences, Shaanxi Province Hundred Distinguished experts, Professor Zhang Yongmin visiting professor at Northwestern University School of Life Sciences, teachers and students made a presentation entitled "chemically modified cyclodextrin," the academic report. Chen Chao, vice president attended the meeting and presented to Professor Zhang Yongmin "Yang Zhongjian lecture" commemorative plaque, teachers and representatives of school-related faculties and departments attended the meeting.

Zhang Yongmin first noted in the report of cyclodextrin chemistry as a discipline increasingly emerging hot spot favored by scientists. Due to the outer edge of the cyclodextrin cavity hydrophilic and hydrophobic, so it can provide a hydrophobic binding site, as the main envelope all appropriate object, such as small organic molecules, inorganic ions. Cyclodextrin inclusion solubility and ability in the water so that it has a broad application prospects in terms of drug carriers. Zhangyong Min and his team by modifying the structure of cyclodextrin found DIBAL-H permethylated promote selective demethylation a- cyclodextrin concentration and dosage DIBAL-H, the reaction temperature and reaction time are closely related. DIBAL-H pro-demethylation permethylated cyclodextrin a- selective demethylation occurred cyclodextrin in a wide mouth end always appear in pairs, confirmed the double-demethylation of their proposed mechanism.


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