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Cyclodextrin Production Of Medicinal

Cyclodextrin in the pharmaceutical industry is a very wide range of new medicinal uses excipients products, its main use is as a drug molecule embedded agent. Α of the CD so far developed about seven Eight, but with practical industrial application of cyclodextrins only α cyclodextrin, β cyclodextrin and γ cyclodextrin three. In the α, β, γ are three configurations of the CD in the best of β cyclodextrin As medicinal materials. 
β cyclodextrin can not only VA, VE and other oily substances to facilitate tablet directly processed into powder agent, insoluble drugs can also be processed into a number of soluble pharmaceutical preparations. Even more valuable, some have a Determination of toxic drug molecules entrapped by β Cyclodextrin can greatly reduce their toxicity after, which is β cyclodextrin in the pharmaceutical industry in promotion and application of preparations to create a vast world. 
Japan is the world's first national development and production of CD, but then, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary and other European countries, the rapid development of CD production began, and with Japan in yield The grand palaces. According to statistics, the current global output of various CD has more than 250,000 tons, Japan, which accounts for about 40% of the share. Cyclodextrin production in Japan of 10 million ~ l2 million tons, but CD production for a considerable portion of domestic exports and domestic sales may be less than half. 
CD was also included into the European and American countries Pharmacopoeia. According to incomplete statistics, pharmaceutical manufacturers have developed Western countries listed the number of products containing preparations cyclodextrin at least several hundred different kinds, such as dexamethasone Song, nitroglycerin tablets, garlic oil, ganciclovir, pilocarpine and so on. Thus, CD has become the foreign pharmaceutical industry one of the most commonly used medicinal excipients. 
In Asia, except Japan, China and South Korea are also CD producer. Cyclodextrin production in recent years, China has developed rapidly in Asian countries, the scale of production in China after Japan CD . In addition, India also has some CD production, but much lower than in Japan and South Korea. It is a simple projection, with the cyclodextrin in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industry applications are continuously expanding, the world CD market has been high-speed growth, international market growth rate will Up to 20% to 30%. 
Further development of product progress 
Since β cyclodextrin in the international pharmaceutical market is very popular, manufacturers have developed a CD of a variety of new derivatives, which is the most popular international market, "hydroxypropyl β cyclodextrin" . 
It is understood that an excellent water-soluble hydroxypropyl β cyclodextrin, several times higher than normal β cyclodextrin. Preparation of its products can be used to greatly enhance the solubility of insoluble drugs, no need to use organic Solvents, surfactants and lipids as a cosolvent. Hydroxypropyl β Cyclodextrin can be used for oral solution, injection, mucosal and transdermal drug delivery system releasing agent, in addition, the protein can also be used for medicines And protective agent and stabilizer. 
As the international market demand for larger hydroxypropyl β cyclodextrin, so many companies have begun converting the domestic high-cyclodextrin water-soluble products. It is reported that China has been able to produce a variety of β cyclodextrin derivatives Bio of new products, in addition to hydroxypropyl β cyclodextrin, but also production of methyl cyclodextrin, cyclodextrin triazine chloride, hydroxyethyl cyclodextrin, methyl-butyl-cyclodextrin, thio-butyl-cyclodextrin, etc. . Domestic enterprises Β cyclodextrin in the depth of product development has been made great progress. 
At present, China has been a twenty pharmaceutical companies in the production of cyclodextrin products. A certain number of enterprises which have a large fine chemical companies Shandong, Qufu Tianli Pharmaceutical Excipients company Meng Zhou Huaxing Company, Zibo thousands of Department of Fine Chemical Company, Jiangsu Feng Park biotechnology companies. 
Export zenith 
Although as early as 10 years ago, "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" is a collection of CD quality medical standards, but until 2005 in the pharmaceutical uses of cyclodextrin on the annual consumption is still to 1 million tons. This is the West The pharmaceutical industry in sharp contrast. 
As the pharmaceutical industry in the use of materials on the CD class and far less on the development of new formulations of Western manufacturers, therefore, consumption of medicinal CD is not large, the domestic production rather cyclodextrin And export. China's exports is not only in European and American Pharmacopoeia standard CD, and the price is much lower than similar products in Japan and South Korea. As Asia's first CD production and export country of Japan Last year, China imported some from cyclodextrin products to meet consumer demand in the domestic market. 
It is estimated that last year, the actual output of CD about 4 million tons, of which 90% of production is used for other industrial uses, such as the food industry as a thickening agent, gum matrix, tea Beverage stabilizer, textile and industrial materials and cosmetics industries and so on. Last year, the export amount of various CD products in more than 10,000 tons. 
China CD export company currently engaged in as many as 53, but the real CD in less than 20 production companies. New large domestic companies in Shandong, Zibo thousands exchange company, Jiangsu Feng Corporation , Wuhan Xing Galaxy Chemical Company, Qufu Tianli Company, Wuhan City, the company and Shaanxi Liquan much chemical companies, several pharmaceutical companies as the largest export volume CD. 
Most enterprises in China are only a few hundred tons of annual production of CD, only a dozen of the company's annual productionof1,000tonsormorecyclodextrins.Exportsintheinternationalmarketprospectsofmedicinalcyclodextrin,Somemajorgrainproducing areas of domestic, such as Henan, Anhui and Shandong province in foodprocessing,pharmaceuticalcyclodextrins were plans to build new production lines. After a few years China is expected to total output will reach new medicinal CD 5000 to 10,000 tons. Some projects have entered a substantive stage of development. In a few years, China will become the world's leading producers of medicinal cyclodextrin. Cyclodextrin derivatives at the current new products in the international The momentum of the market demand to infer that this general-purpose CD of new pharmaceutical excipient strong there will be plenty of room for growth.

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