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Cyclodextrin Extraction Of New Technology Is Expected To Solve The Problem Of Water Soluble Anticancer Drugs

Cyclodextrin is a new pharmaceutical excipients product is very extensive in the use of the pharmaceutical industry of the world. At present, the actual production of the cyclodextrin about 4 million tons, which yield of 90% is used to other industrial uses, such as the food industry as a thickening agent, chewing gum base, tea beverage stabilizer, textile accessories, fragrance and cosmetics industry and so on, domestic prices are generally around 80 yuan per Jin. Cyclodextrin is more promising for the development of the use of drug molecules as the embedding agent, can be some of the difficult soluble drugs processed into soluble drug formulations.

Through supramolecular technology will be cheap industrial materials, industrial timber cyclodextrin should be used to improve the effect of anticancer drugs, can be directly made into nano materials, headed by Nankai University Professor Liu of the research topic, is expected to solve the many of the key issues in the field of biological medicine, material chemistry, separation science.

Paclitaxel is the third generation of anti - tumor drug after adriamycin and cisplatin, but it is almost not soluble in water. For a long time, scientists from various countries have been working on semi synthetic preparation of water soluble taxol precursor drugs in order to make water. Project the adult you professor said, Nankai University research group using supramolecular technology was prepared and separated, with two cyclodextrin cavity four ethylene amine bridged bis (CD) and paclitaxel complex and paclitaxel water solubility increased from 0 to about 2.0mg / ml, and succeeded in solving the problems of the world. The discovery of paclitaxel as a substitute for clinical applications, provides a new potential water soluble slow release complex.

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