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Application Of HPBCD In The Production Of Health Food

Alpha Lipoic acid (ALA is a fatty acid found in people from all of the body cells, cell activation, 400 times the antioxidant role in search of vitamin C and vitamin E; such as with other antioxidative substances, such as coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C and vitamin E co existing. They can also activate other antioxidants. So, the oxidation of sulfur acid is more durable than other antioxidants. Studies have shown that lipoic acid with stable blood glucose, liver function, strengthen the reduce fatigue, beauty beauty, anti-aging, improve dementia and treatment for Parkinson's disease and many significant functions.
But due to the human body of lipoic acid content rarely, and also decrease as the age increases; potato, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables and liver meat, although it contains a wealth of lipoic acid, but had only these things of lipoic acid uptake rate is still too slow. As a result, people need from in vitro enhanced uptake of lipoic acid to supplement the nutrients in the body.
Pure lipoic acid compounds with unpleasant pungent odor and molecules containing labile chemical bonds, sensitive to light, moisture and temperature, water-soluble is not good, bioavailability is not high, which limits the in the application of the ideal health food manufacturing. Using water soluble of hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin will alpha lipoic acid single molecular package buried made products, you can cover up the smell of lipoic acid original, reduced the stimulation of the mouth and stomach; and cyclodextrin inclusion of alpha lipoic acid product is also characterized by the release of energy, to give active substances in the human body 24h equilibrium slow release and improve the alpha lipoic acid biological activity and bioavailability.

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