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Application Of Cyclodextrin In Flavors And Fragrances


Flavor composition, composition of dozens, or even hundreds, many volatile high efficiency, short residence time, volatile differences between the various components of. The volatiles not only caused by the volatilization loss of flavor, and the volatilization of some components changed flavor composition, so that the flavor and aroma of distortion, these disadvantages limited its application. Therefore, with some slow-release agent and stabilizer to control the flavor release, thereby prolonging the effective time, expand the scope of application of flavors and fragrances, flavors and fragrances industry to open up new roads be imperative. Application of several kinds of starch-based adsorbents as a sustained release agent and stabilizer in essence is reviewed in this paper.

1, adsorption characteristics of cyclodextrin adsorbent

Cyclodextrin by seven glucopyranose units by alpha 1, 4 glycosidic linkage of cyclic molecules, which can be divided into alpha - cyclodextrin, gamma - cyclodextrin and cyclodextrin. Molecular structure of cyclodextrin is more special, hydrophobic the inner, outer cavity with "internal hydrophobic, hydrophilic, special molecular structure of hydrophilic", according to the cavity size, molecular recognition using hydrophobic interaction, hydrogen bonding and van der Waals force, cyclodextrin can be used as a "host" envelope "object" of different compounds, the formation of envelope structure is special, so it has strong adsorption capacity, is a kind of adsorption material with excellent performance. Using the special structure of cyclodextrin, the molecular of flavoring substances into the special ring structure, using cyclodextrin as the carrier of aroma substances of microcapsule, made of flavor microcapsule or flavor powder, can be well protected and sustained release effect on flavor. Among them, the alpha - cyclodextrin molecular hole smaller pores, usually only coated small guest molecules, such as aliphatic hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and propane molecules; gamma - cyclodextrin molecule hole big pore, can cover larger guest molecules, such as organic macrocyclic compounds, but because of its high cost, limited application; beta - cyclodextrin molecule hole size, can be used with certain vitamins and small molecule aromatic substance and cyclodextrin low solubility, easy to crystallization, separation, purification, non-toxic, biodegradable, and low production cost (1 2). There are reports in the literature (3), β - cyclodextrin not only has good heat resistance, complex formation and flavoring substances at the same time it also has high temperature tolerance, complex flavor at 200 ℃ high temperature residual rate is very high

2, as the application of cyclodextrin essence microcapsule wall material

Flavor microencapsulation can make liquid essence into solid powder, flavor due to the sealing effect of the cyst wall, reduce its contact with the outside world, volatilization was inhibited, the aroma retaining the integrity, significantly improve the slow release, which can improve the flavor stability of storage and use of Li (4) column with β - cyclodextrin as the carrier, several kinds of octanol monomers spices were microencapsulation were evaluated, of β - cyclodextrin on different monomer perfume microcapsule products using infrared spectroscopy, thermodynamic properties of microencapsulated product also uses DSC of different monomeric spice, and the product of thermal residual the determination of. Through the study found that β - cyclodextrin on monomeric spice embedding effect because of the different spices, such as molecular size and structure; infrared spectroscopy studies can be found inside the hydrophobic monomers spices and β - cyclodextrin internal interacts formed a complex new, thermodynamic analysis of DSC on microcapsule products were adopted, found the microencapsulation of spices prepared well protected in a certain temperature range, found by determination of residue on the hot products, the product has certain heat resistance. Ge Yanrui (5) - β - cyclodextrin as the wall material of microcapsule, oil-soluble rose essence, the best conditions of β - cyclodextrin of microcapsule process was determined by orthogonal experiment, cyclodextrin and rose essence of mass ratio of 10 ∶ 3, inclusion temperature is 50 ℃, omega (β CD) is 15%, pH value 7, technology of rose perfume microcapsule embedding rate were quantitatively measured by thermal analysis, through the analysis of infrared spectrum, the rose essence microcapsule was characterized. Wang Chaoxia (6) with β - cyclodextrin as wall materials of lavender, rosemary, sandalwood essence of inclusion complexation, can form the essence with slow-release microcapsules. The β - cyclodextrin on the human body without any side effect and is environmentally friendly, so the essence microcapsules fragrant textile is safe for unique. UV2M image analysis system and electron microscope observation results show that, the inclusion complex micro morphology of diamond crystals and needle-like crystals. Infrared spectroscopic analysis shows that essence is through hydrophobic and cyclodextrin phase in the cavity to form microcapsules. Wang Chaoxia (7) analysis of β - cyclodextrin refined preparation of relationship between preparation conditions of flavor microcapsule and its performance, by choosing suitable dispersant and temperature, average speed, stirring speed, solvent ratio and other conditions, microcapsule diameter can be less than 1 μ m, preparation technology relatively simple, easy to control the particle size, good reproducibility, applying the microcapsules to different types and various forms of fiber and fabric, when the aroma loss after all, as long as the cyclodextrin firmly attached on the fabric, consumers may be based on personal preference given its new fragrance, sweet time don't get restricted textile. SriYuliani (8) with β - cyclodextrin as microcapsule wall material, lemon flavor microcapsules were prepared by twin screw extrusion mechanism, effects of processing conditions on the aroma retention.

3, cyclodextrin other applications in flavors and fragrances

Hao Aiyou (9) the cyclodextrin molecules with epichlorohydrin crosslinked, mixed with starch, graft copolymerization of acrylonitrile, agent using ceric ammonium nitrate as a, β - cyclodextrin via hydrolysis can have hydrophobic cavity modified high water absorbent resin. The resin has good water absorbency and water retention, good inclusion or adsorption of spices. Wang Chunmei (10) using direct sulfonation sulfonation modification of β - cyclodextrin, make it available and wool fiber by ionic bond. Discusses the sulfonated β - cyclodextrin treatment of wool fabric of rose perfume aroma and slow-release effect, results show that: the sulfonated β - cyclodextrin treatment of wool fabric can be adsorbed more flavor, with sustained release performance. Saturated water solution preparation of benzyl alcohol flavor and β - cyclodextrin inclusion complex by Yang Bo (11), by orthogonal experiment to determine the best process conditions: phenethyl alcohol flavor and β - cyclodextrin ratio is 1 ∶ 6, the inclusion temperature is 50 ℃, inclusion time was 2 5h, on this condition benzene ethanol essence and β - cyclodextrin inclusion rate of 84  75%. Gu Jingwen (12) to simulate the cyclodextrin enzyme biological functional materials, factors, complex envelope method on the process conditions and effect of envelopment rate, also with the coronation of β - cyclodextrin to improve the envelopment rate. Application of X  ray diffraction and infrared spectrum for analyzing enveloping substance; object content of enveloping substance, stability and heat placed heavy were detected, and the expansion and application of the test.



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