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Advances In The Research Of Inclusion Complexes Of Terpenes With Cyclodextrins

Terpenoids (terpenes) compounds are natural hydrocarbon compounds exist widely in nature, it is a kind of skeleton complex, changeable structure, variety, huge quantity and with the chemical composition of natural medicine life widely. Structural characteristics: the carbon skeleton is composed of isoprene molecule aggregation derived. According to the number of isoprene containing molecules, can put the terpenoids consists of monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, three terpene etc.. The terpenoid compounds are formed from isoprene structure unit, resulting in poor solubility, low bioavailability of terpenoids water, further application of terpenoid compounds with high biological activity limits.

Cyclodextrin (cyclodextrin) is a kind of cyclic oligosaccharides. Structure of the cavity of cyclodextrin and its derivatives with internal hydrophobic, hydrophilic. Can be combined with a variety of hydrophobic compounds form the host guest or supramolecular complex in aqueous solution, the hydrophobic compound solubility in water is improved. Study on cyclodextrin and hydrophobic material many clathrate, research on drug guest molecules with special biological activity is undoubtedly has the broad application prospect, drug and cyclodextrin molecules to form inclusion complexes, physicochemical and biological properties of drug molecules can change, such as increasing the water solubility, stability, reduce the irritation, toxicity and side effects etc.. At the same time loop characteristics of CD and its derivatives non-toxic, it also makes the pharmaceutical excipients and drug molecules are a class of widely used carrier, can effectively improve the insoluble or unstable drug bioavailability. Therefore the terpenoids drug molecules using cyclodextrins inclusion, improve its physicochemical and biological activity, providing the possibility of getting broader clinical application.

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