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Shandong Binzhou Zhiyuan Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy)-beta-cyclodextrin manufacturers and suppliers, as a professional company, we have productive factory, which is able to produce high-quality CAS: 30754-24-6, amino-beta-cyclodextrin,...

Name :Heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy)-beta-cyclodextrin

Other name : Heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy)-β-cyclodextrin


CAS No:30754-24-6

Chemical Formula :C42H77N7O28

Molecular weight: 1128.09


Solubility : Soluble in acid

Package: 2g/bag, 3g/bag ,5g/bag ,10g/bag or customized

Storage: at room temperature, in tightly closed container. Avoid light .



Amino-beta-cyclodextrin in neutral or acidic pH conditions can be protonated, the guest molecule with the negatively charged compound has a good capacity.

Amino is a good key chain group, can be carboxylic acids, esters, anhydrides, aldehydes, ketones, alkyl halides under mild conditions such as key-chain, amino-beta-cyclodextrin is a good supramolecular structures of intermediates.

Amino-beta-cyclodextrin to a specific catalytic reaction with good results.

If you're looking for the high-quality heptakis(6-amino-6-deoxy)-beta-cyclodextrin, our company must be your best choice. We're one of the leading manufacturers and supplier with rich experience and wide expertise. Please be rest assured to buy the products from our factory.

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